Village of Bethalto
213 N. Prairie St., Bethalto, IL 62010
(618)377-8051 (Phone)
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Local Advantages

Bethalto TIF District - TIF Disctrict Map

Tax Increment Financing (T.I.F.) is an instrument created by the State of Illinois to promote the economic development or redevelopment of high priority areas within a community, which meet specific State designated criteria. T.I.F.s are financed through a portion of property tax in the given district, dedicated to pay for redevelopment activities through:

  • Financing of public improvements, and
  • Providing economic incentives to businesses that will undertake improvements to parcels of land in the district.

Established on 9/5/2000, the Village of Bethalto’s TIF district expires at the end of its 23 year life. (9/5/2023)

Enterprise Zone - Enterprise Zone Map

The Riverbend Enterprise Zone offers outstanding investment opportunities for companies seeking a full range of location or expansion incentives. Start-up costs and long-term operating costs can be significantly reduced through a combination of state and local tax incentives, low-cost financing, and employee training programs. It is simple to take advantage of zone incentives and a network of development professionals stand ready to assist.

  • Property tax abatement on increased assessed valuation due to new construction or renovation for four years
  • 6.60+% sales tax exemption on building materials
  • 1% investment tax credits on machinery, equipment and buildings
  • 0.5% investment tax credit for firms that increase their employment in Illinois by 1%
  • $500 jobs tax credit for each eligible new employee (minimum five eligible new hires in one year)
  • Deductions from state income tax on dividends paid by corporations doing substantial business within the zone
  • Low interest business financing program
  • Employment training assistance programs

America's Central Port - Map

America’s Central Port®, formerly known as Tri-City Regional Port District, is strategically located in the heart of the U.S. on the Mississippi River and adjacent to an excellent highway system. The Port, and its tenants, offer a wide range of services and facilities, including: barge, rail and truck commodity transfer; industrial, commercial and residential development sites; and warehouse and commercial lease opportunities.

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