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Government Services

Water System

The Village provides water service to Village residents.  The Village wells and water treatment plant have a maximum pumping capacity and treatment capacity of 3.0 million gallons of water per day (MGD).  The average daily demand for water is 1.6 MGD and the peak daily demand is 2.3 MGD. The Village also sells finished water to Moro and Meadowbrook based on intergovernmental agreements, and serves the Rosewood Heights and Cottage Hills areas which are not located within the Village’s corporation limits. 

Bethalto’s water source is a well field located in Wood River north of Illinois Route 143.  This area lies over the old Mississippi river bed, commonly called the American Bottoms.  The American Bottoms is a relatively flat plain that runs from the Mississippi River to the base of the high ground where the Village of Bethalto lies.  The Village pumps more than 500 million gallons of groundwater a year from seven shallow wells that reach down to unconfined sand and gravel which make up the underground water aquifer.  Approximately ten inches (or 26 percent) of the annual rainfall in Bethalto percolates through the soil and recharges this aquifer.  As the water passes through the soil to the aquifer the potential for contamination is great.

Bethalto has developed a comprehensive groundwater protection management plan and has worked with neighboring communities on groundwater protection ordinance to protect the Village’s aquifer recharge area (the area in the American Bottoms from which the Village’s wells extract water.)  The Village has also established a 1,000-foot setback zone around the community water supply (CWS) wells.  This setback allows Bethalto to regulate certain types of new land uses within this zone.  Landfills, sewage lift stations, electrical substations, dry cleaners, petroleum pipelines, retention basins and roads are all land uses that could contaminate groundwater supplies.  The location of existing land uses that fit these categories have been identified by Village staff.

Water Treatment Plant

A new $4.7M water treatment plant project has recently been completed.  The project called for abandonment of the existing 53-year-old plant and consisted of:  two new aerators, three new softeners, a 250,000-gallon reaction basin (which replaced the old 40,000-gallon unit), four 10-inch-diameter filters, a half-million-gallon clear well (which replaced the old 300,000-gallon component), and a high-service pump station.  The existing power and control systems were rehabilitated and emergency generators were also constructed.  After some slight rehabilitation, Plant #2 remained intact.  The plant is capable of serving almost 24,000 people.

Water Distribution System

The Village is served by waterlines made of PVC, cast iron and ductile iron.  They range in age from being built in the 1940’s to new lines replaced and installed in 2013.  The older lines are typically cast iron and give the Village the most problems with frequent breaks and failures.  It is estimated that about 10% of the water lines are of this material.  Also there are approximately 59,658 feet of 2 inch diameter water mains in the system that need replaced because they are inadequate for fire protection and no longer meet state requirements for pipe sizing.  Most of these lines were installed in the 1940’s and are in need of replacement. 

A new valve and water main replacement program is underway.  Additionally, the Village is updating their water meter reading system to include more radio reads. 

Figure 2.7-1:  Waterline Lengths by Pipe Size

Pipe Size

Waterline Length Linear Feet

Hydrants Total























Water Tower

The Village maintains a 500,000 gallon elevated tower which was constructed in 1992.  This was inspected and painted in 2010 and the Tower is considered in good condition.  The only exception is the need to replace or repair a variety of valves that enter the tower structure.  The Village also has a 250,000 gallon Mine Street elevated tank.  This tank was built in 1954 and has undergone a series of updates with the most recent update being a new concrete support upgrade in 2012. Lastly, the Village maintains a 1.5M gallon ground storage tank.  This tank was constructed in 1966 and was repaired, painted and upgraded in 2012.

 Wastewater Service/Stormwater Management

Wastewater in Bethalto is collected by Village sewer mains and transferred to a regional wastewater treatment plant in Alton, under an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Alton.  This has proven to be the most cost-effective treatment plan.  The Village has prepared a master plan to provide wastewater service to areas that may be annexed in the future. The sanitary and storm sewers are a separated system, which is typically more desirable than a combination system.  The age of the sewer system ranges from 1930 to 2013, with the make of these lines varying.  Clay, PVC and ductile iron serve the sanitary system, with concrete clay, PVC and HDPE making up the storm sewers. 

There are major concerns involving infiltration during heavy rains.  The majority (75%) of the sanitary sewer lines are clay pipe that were built from 1930 to 1979.  Replacing the oldest mains would greatly help the infiltration issue.  There are issues with some lift stations that appear when power outages occur during severe storms.  This then compounds with the infiltration problem. 

In general, the biggest problems with stormwater management are drainage issues stemming from the fact that the overall area is flat. 

Bethalto Museum

The Bethalto Museum located at 124 W. Main Street served as the Village Hall until a new hall was built.  In 1987, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  After several years of renovation, it became Bethalto’s Museum.

Senior Citizen Center

One of the area’s finest Senior Centers is located at 100 East Central Street.  Senior citizens have a handicapped accessible van at their disposal for doctor appointments, hair appointments and other daily routines.  Various groups meet at the center and numerous events are held weekly. The facility can be rented by the public by contacting the Village Hall at 618-377-8051.

Bethalto Public Library District

The Bethalto Public Library District serves an area covering portions of Bethalto, Meadowbrook, Moro, Cottage Hills, Dorsey and Midway and is a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System, providing patrons access to the library materials of 134 school and public libraries in the surrounding area. The Library is open 7 days a week and is located at 321 South Prairie Street.


Gas & Electric provided by Ameren IP. A small portion of the Village receives electric service by Southwestern Electric Cooperative. Landline telephone service is predominantly provided by AT&T. Cellular telephone coverage is provided by most major cellular service providers. Cable Television is provided by Charter Communications.

Code Enforcement

The Village of Bethalto has developed a proactive approach to resolving code violations.  This action is in response to the small percentage of residents who show a lack of regard for their neighbors by creating nuisances that detract from the appearance of neighborhoods, endanger the health and safety of fellow residents, disturb the peace, and generally degrade the quality of life for those living around them.  It is the goal of Code Enforcement to bring all of these locations and uses into compliance with local codes for the purposes of enhancing life and property values of our citizens.

The Village has historically updated its building code standards.  However, as standards change and additional issues arise, it is imperative that the Village review its ordinances to efficiently and effectively deal with code violations.

Parks and Recreation

A Park Master Plan was created for the Village in the year 2011.  This Plan was intended to guide the development of future parks facilities, particularly Culp Lane Park.  In the preparation of the plan, three public workshops were held to ensure that the planning would involve Village residents and ensure the appropriate facilities were considered. 

Culp Lane Park (Renamed Steve Bryant Park in 2013)

Culp Lane Park is a large park on the northwest end of the Village that was established in 2005.  The park features a lake, a children’s play area, and a new arboretum. 

Bethalto Sports Complex

The Bethalto Sports Complex was completed in 2006.  The sports complex consists of two baseball fields, two softball fields, two soccer fields, a grandstand, and a concession stand. 

Bethalto Sports Complex Phase II

The second phase of the aforementioned Bethalto Sports Complex.

Central Park

Central Park contains lighted tennis courts, baseball fields, softball fields, t-ball fields, soccer fields, picnic facilities, a skate park and the municipal swimming pool.  The park is adjacent to Village Hall.

Bethalto Arboretum

The Arboretum is adjacent to Central Park.  The arboretum is 2.5 acres, and was conceived by former Mayor Plegge in the 1960s.  The project began with a donation of six trees by a local nursery, and a promise of five trees from the Governor of Alaska and four of its mayors.  Officially dedicated on October 15, 1966, the arboretum now features over 150 species of trees and other plant life. 

Southside Park

Southside Park, also known as the Khory League Diamonds, is located in the southeast portion of the Village in the Chateaux residential area.  The complex consists of four lighted diamonds with a concession stand in the center.  The fields are primarily set up for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America youth baseball and softball games, but are also home to a number of private and select baseball teams during the summer. 

West End Park (Klopmeier Park)

West End Park is at the intersection of the Bethalto Expressway and Illinois Route 140, near the westernmost portion of the old railroad right-of-way acquired by the Village.

Neighborhood Park

Neighborhood Park is a small neighborhood park located at the intersection of Second Street and Grant Street.

Public Safety and Emergency Services

Fire Protection

The Village provides assistance to the Bethalto Volunteer Fire Department, helping cover operational expenses.  Bethalto Fire Department has a staff of up to 35 dedicated volunteers who provide Fire, EMS, and Rescue services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The current roster includes only 20 volunteers.  The volunteer fire department relies heavily on local monies with occasional assistance from state and federal grants for capital purchases. The Department is operated by a Chief, two Assistant Chiefs and four Captains.  The current Fire Chief is Alex Campbell, and the fire station is located at 213 N. Prairie Street.

Membership Information:

  • The department currently has 20 members.
  • The average membership over the previous five years is 18, with a 35 being the maximum allowed by Village ordinance.
  • The average age of the department membership is 24 years old.
  • On average, a firefighter on the department responds to 200 calls a year, participates in 52 nights of training, 20 special events, and 24 nights of “on call” duty.
  • 80% of the firefighters on the department are certified Emergency Medical Technicians – (Basics)
  • 5% of the firefighters on the department are certified Emergency Medical Technicians – (Paramedics)
  • 15% of the firefighters on the department are certified First Responders.
  • 50% of the department is certified as State Firefighters
  • 1% of the department that is certified as Advanced State Firefighters
  • 1% of the department holds a fire officer certification

ISO collects information on municipal fire-protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. In each of those communities, ISO analyzes the relevant data using a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS).  ISO then assign’s a Public Protection Classification from 1 to 10.  Class 1 generally represents superior property fire protection, and Class 10 indicates that the area's fire-suppression program doesn't meet ISO’s minimum criteria. By classifying communities' ability to suppress fires, ISO helps the communities evaluate their public fire-protection services. The program provides an objective, countrywide standard that helps fire departments in planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training. By securing lower fire insurance premiums for communities with better public protection, the PPC program provides incentives and rewards for communities that choose to improve their firefighting services.  The current Bethalto Fire Department carries an ISO rating of 4 out of 10 which is better than most fire departments in the metro east.

The department has likely maxed out at its current rating and as it stands today is likely to be downgraded as a result of having such a high call volume for a volunteer fire department.  Additional concerns with ISO are the need for an aerial device and an additional Fire Station on the west side of the Village. The department is involved in automatic mutual aid with Rosewood Heights and Holiday Shores, and on certain occasions Bunker Hill.  The Department also covers portions of Moro Township by agreement.

Average Calls:

  • 2008 approximate calls: 500
  • 2015 approximate calls: 1,100
  • Madison County rank (calls) for Volunteer Department: #1
  • Most Volunteer Departments average 200-250 calls per year

The Village has seen a dramatic rise in the amount of calls since 2005.  This has put a large strain on the volunteer base.  The Village is currently operating with significantly less volunteer firefighters while the amount of calls continues to increase.  The average volunteer serves five years.  Membership recruitment and retention continues to be a concern, and is in need of being addressed as calls continue to rise.  In the near future there may be a need for additional full-time firefighters.

Fire Apparatus

Engine 2212 – 2009 E1 Custom Rescue Pumper: This is the Village’s newest and most sophisticated equipment.  This engine is also going to become a ALS (Advanced Life Support) engine. Current life span is 30 years. 

Engine 2211 – 2005 E1: This is a two seat BLS (Basic Life Support) engine with an AED.  The current life span is 15 years.

Engine 2210 – 1995 E1 Ford: This is the Village’s oldest engine.  This engine is the next one to be replaced. Currently Engine 2210 is set up with a dump tank to assist in areas of town for water supply. Current life expectancy to be 5-8 years.

Each engine carries 1,000 gallons of water and appropriate size ladders for our Fire Department. Two of the engines carry extrication equipment and initial hazardous response equipment.  

Rescue 2250 -  This currently serves as an ALS and BLS rescue vehicle and also carries all technical rescue equipment. This vehicle currently serves as the primary EMS response vehicle.

Utility 2290 – 2000 Chevy Silverado: This vehicle is used as a command vehicle and support vehicle to carry additional personnel and equipment to the scene.  The vehicle lacks sufficient room to carry firefighters.

Police Protection

The Bethalto Police Department is located next to Village Hall at 213 N. Prairie St. in Bethalto, Illinois.  The Department consists of 13 full-time officers, one part-time officer, one Animal Control Warden, four Telecommunicators, and one Administrative Secretary.  Officer assignments are Patrol, Investigations, School Resource Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, and Narcotics Investigator.  They also sponsor a Law Enforcement Explorer Post.  The Village is a member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Major Case Squad, FBI Child Exploitation Task Force, Illinois Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Southern Illinois Child Death Investigation Task Force.

Bethalto, Illinois is an extremely safe place to live and operate a business.  In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the Metro East.



Crime Rate



Wood River


East Alton




South Roxana










*(Note: Higher means more crime)


  • Bethalto is safer than 82.8% of the cities in the nation.
  • The crime rate in Bethalto is less than 83% of the cities in Illinois.
  • The chance of being a victim of a crime in Bethalto is 1 in 503.
  • The chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Bethalto is 1 in 1,365.
  • The chance of being a victim of a property crime in Bethalto is 1 in 796.

The BPD attributes the low crime rates in the Village to the relationships they have with the citizens, the ability to utilize their investigators efficiently, and overall influence and pride in the community. The Police station is 16 years old as of 2013 and is planned to be functional into the foreseeable future.  There are no major issues besides the normal wear and tear a building of this age should expect to occur.  The Police station has 4 jail cells which can hole a total of 8 prisoners. The BPD handles animal control cases and also has mutual aid agreements with the surrounding communities to provide assistance when requested.

As is normal for a growing community, the BPD has concerns over the ability to properly staff the department as the Village continues to grow. Increasing populations and growing village limits would put increased strain on officers and in order to remain effective the department would need to grow in proportion with the Village, just as all community services would. 

Future concerns of the Bethalto Police department revolve around issues about staffing and equipment. The BPD has lost 5 officers and 2 support personnel in the past 6 years to attrition. They currently have minimum staffing, meaning that any officers who become sick or use vacation time must have their assignments filled by someone else with overtime. The long range plan is to increase from 2 officer patrols to 3 officer patrols to maintain efficient coverage and service to the community. They would also like to add a School Resource Officer to the middle school. Sufficient support staff will also be required to accomplish these goals.

Within the next several years the department would like to see several equipment based improvements. Finger printing upgrades from the current ink based system to the digital based life-scan finger printing system as well as leasing or buying 2 new patrol cars within the next several years are part of the department’s goals in this area.

Hospitals & Medical Centers 

  • Alton Memorial Hospital (Acute Care Hospitals, Voluntary non-profit - Private, provides emergency services, about 5 miles away; Alton, IL)
  • Saint Anthony's Health Center (Acute Care Hospitals, Voluntary non-profit - Church, provides emergency services, about 5 miles away; Alton, IL)
  • Gateway Regional Medical Center (Acute Care Hospitals, Proprietary, provides emergency services, about 14 miles away; Granite City, IL)
  • Bethalto Health Center (Family Medicine, Dental Care, Behavioral Health, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics; Bethalto, IL)

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